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So you missed spring cleaning and now your garage is packed full. While no doubt many homeowners do use their garages for storage, we’re betting that you can organize it in all kinds of ways to give your home more space.

Considering that more people use their garages for storage than parking their cars, it is smart to start organizing fast. So if that’s something you do want, then this is the article for you. Without wasting too much of your time, let’s start.

Draft A Floor Plan

When you draft a floor plan for your garage, you know exactly how much space you have to work with. The reason why everyone should do this is that it will help easily organize things. With a draft floor in hand, you will know where to place each item, cabinet, and tool.

So as our first general rule, make sure to store all equipment in one corner. The second rule is to find a corner or a place in the garage and use it for items that you rarely use. You might own a bike, but sadly you don’t use it as much. So, why not designate a place specifically for similar items? When doing this, you can go one step further and designate a harder-to-reach spot for these items.

The third rule of organizing your garage has to do with adding items that you frequently use to places that are easier to reach. The best place for this is right next to the garage door.

By drafting a floor plan, you can easily designate where each item should go.

Get Lots Of Storage Products

For tons of people, the garage is the place where they keep tools, equipment, and even park the car if there is enough room in it. But it’s safe to say that we can free up tons of room by getting the must-have storage products.

These products can be anything from a lockable cabinet to jars for storing nails and screws. There are tons of these available online and at your local hardware store. The easiest thing to do is go for a day out and shop for essential storage products that will give you lots of space.

Place Lots Of Open Shelves

Open shelves fix more problems than they create. Come to think of it, we cannot think of a single problem putting up an open shelf creates. So that’s why you should do your best to place as many of them as you possibly can.

The reasons for that are many. Not only do they provide you with lots of space, but you can use open shelves for storing all kinds of business-related stuff. You can use them for tools, for general stuff, and you can even use them to store all kinds of unnecessary paperwork.

Set Up A Vertical Organizing System

If you have no idea what this is, then allow us to easily explain. A vertical organizing system is very common nowadays. It is the idea that items can be stored in a garage vertically to allocate lots of free space.

Even if the name confuses you, chances are you’ve seen how one such system looks in movies or cartoons. A common example of a vertical organizing system is a system where you hang tools on a pegboard.

Install Overhead Storage

Let’s face it, we all have stuff that we don’t need just lying around in the garage. Why do that when you can place them safely away from everything and take up zero space? To do that, you will need to install overhead storage.

Overhead storage space is the space you rarely have use of in the garage. This storage system goes well above head height and is made up of shelves that are big enough to store bulky items. Make sure to reinforce the shelves when installing them to prevent the items from falling over of the shelves breaking.

You can set up these shelves all along the garage walls and they are perfect for storing items, tools, and equipment that you have little to no use of.

If you do manage to use some of our garage organizing tips, then no doubt you’ll have plenty of space to work with from now on.


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