The latest trend in office drawer cabinets Minneapolis, MN, has been all about the finish. Many clients are looking for a balance between form and function. They want cabinets that have matte or anti-fingerprint finishes. They also want cabinets that have a flat front and are handleless. With these styles, the focus is on the finish rather than on the door handle.


Copper is an attractive and versatile material that will complement any decor. It can be used for everything from cabinet hardware to light fixtures. Even ceilings and walls can be covered with copper sheets. The color is ideal for a rustic feel but works well with a contemporary design.


If you’re tired of your old wooden filing cabinets, consider adding a few brass drawer cabinets to your office space. They’re a great way to add some character to your workspace. You can choose from a variety of different styles and finishes. And because brass is such a versatile material, you can use it in various ways, from the traditional to the more modern. You can choose satin brass or champagne bronze for the hardware on your cabinets. These softer finishes make your kitchen or office feel cozier than the more shiny polished brass. If you prefer a sharp-looking finish, you can also choose unlacquered brass.

Matte Black

The new black color has been taking over interior design recently, and matte black drawer cabinets are no exception. It commands attention and adds drama to any space. It is now available in various sizes and finishes, including hardware, pulls, and handles. Originally developed in the automotive industry, matte black became popular in home and office interior design. Its flat finish created a velvety look that wowed the design community. Eventually, the trend spread to the cosmetics industry, which adapted matte black to complement high-end fashion. 

Champagne Gold

Achieve a contemporary look with this champagne gold finish on your office drawer cabinets. The sleek modern design will attract attention. The champagne gold hardware is accented by matching overlays. The exterior of the drawer cabinets is sophisticated black. All three drawers feature full extension guides for easy access. The color champagne gold is soft, resulting in an airy, feminine effect. It pairs well with white cabinetry. It also matches copper, a popular choice for interior designers for several years, and will continue to be popular in 2019. You can use copper for cabinet hardware, light fixtures, or drawer handles. 

Midnight Blue

While the traditional bright white cabinets are still popular, many office professionals are turning to a more striking hue for their office storage. In addition to dark brown and black, new trends in office drawer cabinets include midnight blue, silver, and rose gold. These colors have a softer, more muted look and help you achieve a sleeker office.

Midnight blue is a beautiful color that will stand out in any office. It looks great with white or light gray counters, and it goes with a wide range of accents. The color has also overtaken wood and gray for kitchen cabinets, although the lighter shades appear in retro 1950s designs.

Candy-Colored Shades

Changing the colors of your cabinetry is an essential part of updating your office. In 2022, personalization will be a trend, as will using candy-colored shades. The current trend of cool gray is going away, and in its place is warm gray. However, these shades will return to the kitchen in a few years.

Modern Bar Pulls

These sleek pulls are the most popular trend in cabinet hardware right now. They are available in various finishes and have a clean, minimalist look. You can find them in multiple finishes, including chrome, nickel, black, and bronze. You can also find these pulls in different sizes. Choosing the correct pull is critical. It must match the other elements in the room, such as the rest of the furniture. A nickel curtain rod will look great with a nickel cabinet pull, and brass cabinet hardware will go perfectly with a brass coffee table. Another popular trend is to pair different types of cabinet pulls and knobs. Traditionally, it was considered a no-no to mix and match different types, but in today’s style, it’s perfectly acceptable.


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